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Relationship / Attachment Issues

It's heartbreaking when we crave the emotional intimacy of a close and nurturing relationship but we just can't seem to make it work. Maybe we even find ourselves self-sabotaging and making things worse for ourselves, almost knowingly acting in ways that don't end up getting us what we want. Or maybe we find ourselves in relationships with the same kinds of people over and over, even if it seemed so different at the beginning. Sometimes we feel capable in most areas of our lives except this one.


Whatever your relationship pattern is, we can help you understand what's happening so you CAN have fulfilling relationships.

We help you become aware of what unconscious messages you received about love as a child, and the ways in which you made sense of these messages for yourself. We all have the drive to connect AND the drive to protect ourselves from pain or to have autonomy. Sometimes we learn early in life that connection brings pain, or we are taught that we can't have boundaries in relationships, and we end up struggling between these two drives. We can help you unravel what core beliefs you came away with about yourself and relationships that might not be true anymore.

Regardless of the reason you struggle in relationships, you can learn to trust yourself and find meaningful connection both with yourself and with others.

Help is a phone call away. Call, text, or email now to set up a consultation: 408-337-2889  or

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